Posted by: lettersfromrome | September 28, 2008

No more Italian classes

Dear Mom,

September 28, 2008

Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


The past week has been a very busy one.  The best part about this last week is the fact that it was the FINAL week of Italian classes.  No more studying Italian, now I will finally get to start studying Theology.


After the last day of class, our teacher ate lunch with us and then afterwards we showed her around the school.  We took her up to the roof and showed her our view of Rome.  After that we took her downstairs to the bowling alley that Pope John XXIII gave us.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon bowling.  It takes Italians a little while to understand the concept of bowling, they tend to want to throw the ball half way down the alley rather then rolling it.


This past weekend, all the seminarians from Missouri went out to eat together.  There are five of us, three from Kansas City and two from St. Louis.  It was a great evening; we ate at this little family style restaurant where there were no menu’s they just bring everyone out the same thing.  The food was amazing.  Also, the lady that runs the place is the sweet Italian grandmother type.  At one point during the meal she stopped by to ask us how it was and when we said it was good she gave Adam Haake a big kiss on the side of his face.



On Tuesday afternoon this week one of the priests on facility took a couple of the students in a van to IKEA.  There are no big stores like this anywhere in Rome, so you have to drive about an hour to find one.  I bought a new comforter for my bed.  It is amazingly comfortable and makes a huge difference over the ones they provide us with.  I am very pleased with it.



I also received the box of winter cloths you sent.  And to my surprise all of my Christmas presents were also inside the box.  They are still wrapped and sitting on my floor awaiting a tree of some sort.  So far they have been a good topic of conversation as other guys who have come in my room have all noticed them sitting there.


I leave in a little bit for a week long silent retreat.  It should be a great week and one that will really help me to get focused on this upcoming semester.  So do not expect to hear from me for the next week.  Do not forget to pray for me while I am on retreat.


With Love from Rome,

Your Son



  1. That restaurant sounds delicious…I’m a little bit more than jealous.

    That’s really nice your family sent you Christmas presents!

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