Posted by: lettersfromrome | September 16, 2008

A new big brother


Dear Mom,

September 16, 2008, Memorial

Saint Cornelius, pope and martyr, and Saint Cyprian, bishop and martyr


Things are going well here.  Right now we are still just taking Italian classes every day to prepare for theology school which will begin in a few weeks.  I am excited for actual school to start in October sometime.  My Italian teacher here in Rome says I act like a child and that everything is just a big joke to me; but I am fairly certain that deep down under her scowling face of disapproval she actually loves me and will be sad when she can no longer teach me this beautiful language for four hours every morning.


All of the beginning of the school year stuff is falling into place.  I have my formation advisor who I will meet with on a regular basis throughout the school year.  He is a Benedictine and in charge of Liturgy at the college.  I also found out who my new spiritual director will be, he is an older diocesan priest from St. Louis.  He spent a few weeks with the students who were studying in Assisi and I was able to help him in the sacristy some during that time.  He is a very holy man and also has a quirky sense of humor, I think we will get along great and I look forward to meeting with him throughout the year.


My diocesan brother Matthew (Angelo’s brother) arrived back to the college on Sunday.  That evening he invited me up to his room and we talked for a few hours while drinking Croatian brandy and wine.  He sounds exactly like Angelo; in fact it is a little scary how similar they are.  He is a funny, down to earth guy.  In fact when he came in my room to talk to me for the first time I had music playing on my computer and the first thing he said to me was, “Oh, Johnny Cash, I see we are going to get along just fine then.”


After talking to him for a while and getting some good advice on living life in Rome and what to expect during the school year he then gave me a book to read.  What a great big brother to have here in seminary.



St. Cornelius,

St. Cyprian,

Pray for us.


With Love from Rome,

Your Son



  1. i was expecting a “big brother government” i think this is a little better

  2. Fact: You have the greatest poses for pictures Adam.

    Fiction: You do not act like a child.

    Fact: You act like a fun adult…I hope you got to explain that to her in Italian.

  3. Oops…take the not out of my ‘fiction’ response…

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